“Not Yet”

I have just completed the process for discerning whether to I should go forward for ordination training to find that the report comes back basically saying that yes I have a calling to the ordained ministry on my life, but not yet.  This is not an upsetting thing, far from it I have found the process very useful and enlightening as I wrestle with God’s will for my life.

As a result of one of the recommendations I have decided to start this blog in an effort to get the grey matter moving.  I will try and blog fairly frequently, but for those who know me there may be periods of inactivity.  Its not that I have given the blog up, its just that’s the way I am.  But however stop start it may be, I see this moment as the embarkation on a journey.  All I have is this small craft (blog) that I travel in, and the compass that is God’s Holy Spirit as my guide.

I hope you enjoy the journey.


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