About Me

Hi and welcome to my blog.

My name is Mike and I am a thirty something follower of Christ, husband, father, youth minister and God thinker.  Want to know more?  I love motorsports, supporting Gloucester Rugby, playing cricket and spending time with my family (particularly if it involves good food).

In this blog I will major on my life as a youth minister in an Anglican church, youth work and ministry and really anything else related.  I am passionately excited to see young people come to full relationship with Jesus in  worship and engagement.  Hopefully in the course of this blog that passion will come through.  I am not ashamed to say what I think and as such this blog is not just a space for me to rant, but instead a place where dialogue and discussion are fostered in an encouraging environment.  Feel free to disagree, but ensure that in doing so we build each other up.  In any case, feel freen to contact me using the form on the “Contact Me” page.

Finally the legal(ish) stuff.  No post on this site should mention any young person by their name and if names are used, they will be changed to protect identity.  Also, the views I express on this site are my own and cannot be constituted those of any organisation that I am affiliated with or employed by.


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